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Surviving The First Night In A New Home.

Your RE/MAX Masterpiece agent has found you your dream home and the deal just closed. The process has been a real nail biter, but you are excited to be starting a new chapter in your life. As you prepare to pack all of your things to move, it is important to have a plan of action to make the transition as stress free as possible. Once you get all of your things moved, you can breathe a sigh of relief, until you realize that everything you need to be comfortable is in boxes spread through your new home. These helpful hints can prepare you to survive your first night in a new home.

Have a Plan

When you begin the packing process, most people are so anxious to move, they are packing boxes as fast as they can. If you have a plan before you begin packing, you will not only have an easier time unpacking, but you can plan ahead to have everything you need to survive your first night. You don’t have to draw up blueprints and a map, simply set aside 7 boxes and label them “First Night.”

Think Basic

You don’t have to hurry to unpack your house if you can think of the basics that you may need to get through the first few days. Take some time to think of basic supplies you may need to get by. If you are going to sleep, you are going to need bedding and a pillow. You are going to want to clean your house before you put stuff away, so you will need cleaning supplies. You will also want to set aside work clothes and pajamas from your wardrobe to get you through. It also helps to have a pen and some paper to write down any new information or make lists.

Emergencies Happen

Emergencies can happen and the world doesn’t slow down for a move. Make sure you are prepared in case of an emergency. You may be handling glass that has been broken in the move, you could be moving around the same time as a storm, and little things may break in the move. Make sure you are prepared for any emergency by packing a first aid kit, trash bags, a flashlight, medications, and a small tool kit.

Think of the Children

Moving can be a hassel without kids, when you add children into the mix, it can make things even more dififcult. Set aside a box for your children to be happy during their first night and make sure their rooms are one of the first set up.  Your children box should consist of pajamas, baby supplies, night lights, a change of clothes, and some board games. A first night in a new location can be scary for kids, you also want to pack any comfort items to help them through.

Don’t Move On An Empty Stomach

It is our instinct to get comfortable as quickly as we can, when in the moving process the one thing we always forget is to eat! Make sure you set aside a box with paper plates, plasticware, and a take out menu to your favorite restaurant. After movign boxes around, you certainly will not want to cook a big meal and have to clean up after, so preparing to order out and throw away will make eating simple.

Important Documents

You want to make sure you have all the documents you could need in ana emergency. This includes important papers like ids, passports, deeds, ect. Also make sure that you have all the new documents from your home sale or purchase.  Keep these documents in a safe place so they don’t get mixed up in the move.

Keep Up With Hygiene

When going through the moving process, it can be pretty sweaty and you are going to want to clean yourself up when you are done. Don’t forget to pack toiletries for the first night so you don’t have to box dive for your toothbrush. Make sure you have toilet paper, shampoo, soap, a shower curtain, towels, make up, and other hygiene items packed in a bag for first night.

Make Your Furry Friends Feel At Home

Not only is moving stressful for children, but it can be stressful for your pets. Animals feel comfortable in their surroundings, so upping them and moving them to a new place with new smells can be a difficult transition. Make sure your pets are comefortable on their first night by having animal food, medications, leash, collar, toys, and food dishes.

Your first night in your new home can be exciting and terrifying all at once. Being prepared with a few first night boxes can help make unpacking go smoothly and keep you and your family comfortable during your first few nights in your dream home.

Make Your Home a Pet Friendly One

No one is as excited for your new home as your family pet. It is full of curious wonders, new rooms, and new smells. Moving into a new home can be a little overwhelming of course, especially since it is important for your new home to be comfortable for you as well as your pet.  So how you keep you and your fur babies happy? These friendly tips will help make your home a pet friendly one.

Dog Friendly Home

Give Them Their Space

We have more in common with our pets than we think we do. Sometimes when we have had a rough day, we look forward to hiding away in a space we can call our own.  Though pets aren’t spending their day working the typical 9-5 schedule, certain elements such as separation anxiety, loud noises, storms, or crowds of people may have an effect on their mood.

Give them a little space.  Houses are full of opportunities to give your furry friends a little room to decompress such as a spacious closet with a corner to spare or even the laundry room. Give them a little nook with their kennel, food, and toys so they can have time to unwind from their exhausting day of waiting for you to come home.

Keep the Messes to a Minimum

Perhaps you have already thought about making changes to get one step closer to your perfect dream home, but you are worried having pets may do damage to your picture perfect house.  It doesn’t have to be stressful to redecorate while accommodating those little accidents your pets may leave behind. Make sure you are using pet friendly flooring. Carpet may feel nice on your feet, but it tends to hold onto everything including pet stains and odor and linoleum may be lifted by pet accidents.  It is safer to go with easy clean surfaces such as ceramic tile, which can be sanitized with bleach and odors can be eliminated easily with vinegar.

When choosing your paint, keep your furry friends in mind. The glossier the paint, the easier the paint is to clean. Our pets do not intend to make a mess, but after rolling around in the mud outside, they don’t quite understand how the mud ended up on the mall. If you get a flat paint, the mess will be impossible to clean up.

Keep Them Safe

Finally, it is always important to keep you and your pets safe. Make sure you are aware of what chemicals, foods, and other items could be harmful to your pets. It is also important to get a list of dangerous plants and animals that could be lurking outside your home. Make the most of your storage and make sure all hazardous material is out of the way.

Following these few tips will make sure that you and your fur babies are enjoying your new dream home. You will have an excuse to do some redecorating and you will be easing the anxiety that comes with moving for your pets.

These tips can be used in any home, not necessarily just a new home, but if you are your pets are looking for a more spacious place to call your home, contact one of our Re/Max Masterpiece Realtors in Port St Lucie, FL or visit our site at www.masterpiece1.com for available listings.