Make Your Home a Pet Friendly One

No one is as excited for your new home as your family pet. It is full of curious wonders, new rooms, and new smells. Moving into a new home can be a little overwhelming of course, especially since it is important for your new home to be comfortable for you as well as your pet.  So how you keep you and your fur babies happy? These friendly tips will help make your home a pet friendly one.

Dog Friendly Home

Give Them Their Space

We have more in common with our pets than we think we do. Sometimes when we have had a rough day, we look forward to hiding away in a space we can call our own.  Though pets aren’t spending their day working the typical 9-5 schedule, certain elements such as separation anxiety, loud noises, storms, or crowds of people may have an effect on their mood.

Give them a little space.  Houses are full of opportunities to give your furry friends a little room to decompress such as a spacious closet with a corner to spare or even the laundry room. Give them a little nook with their kennel, food, and toys so they can have time to unwind from their exhausting day of waiting for you to come home.

Keep the Messes to a Minimum

Perhaps you have already thought about making changes to get one step closer to your perfect dream home, but you are worried having pets may do damage to your picture perfect house.  It doesn’t have to be stressful to redecorate while accommodating those little accidents your pets may leave behind. Make sure you are using pet friendly flooring. Carpet may feel nice on your feet, but it tends to hold onto everything including pet stains and odor and linoleum may be lifted by pet accidents.  It is safer to go with easy clean surfaces such as ceramic tile, which can be sanitized with bleach and odors can be eliminated easily with vinegar.

When choosing your paint, keep your furry friends in mind. The glossier the paint, the easier the paint is to clean. Our pets do not intend to make a mess, but after rolling around in the mud outside, they don’t quite understand how the mud ended up on the mall. If you get a flat paint, the mess will be impossible to clean up.

Keep Them Safe

Finally, it is always important to keep you and your pets safe. Make sure you are aware of what chemicals, foods, and other items could be harmful to your pets. It is also important to get a list of dangerous plants and animals that could be lurking outside your home. Make the most of your storage and make sure all hazardous material is out of the way.

Following these few tips will make sure that you and your fur babies are enjoying your new dream home. You will have an excuse to do some redecorating and you will be easing the anxiety that comes with moving for your pets.

These tips can be used in any home, not necessarily just a new home, but if you are your pets are looking for a more spacious place to call your home, contact one of our Re/Max Masterpiece Realtors in Port St Lucie, FL or visit our site at for available listings.



PORT ST LUCIE — RE/MAX Masterpiece Realty is pleased to announce that William Torres was awarded the RE/MAX Masterpiece Realty “Outstanding Achievement Award” during their annual awards luncheon held at the Country Club Estates Banquet Hall in St. Lucie West.

William Torres has received this award in recognition of his ongoing and outstanding commitment and support to his customers, peers, and company.  This dedication and determination characterizes RE/MAX agents and attributes to their sales success in this industry.  Torres is a persistent and hard-working agent devoted to ensuring his customers achieve their real estate dreams and goals.

When asked about receiving the “Outstanding Achievement Award”, William Torres commented, “It is a great honor to receive such a distinguished award.  It comes with great appreciation and recognition to the rest of the team and the RE/MAX family that all worked hard together to make it a prosperous and successful year. I pray my team and I will continually strive to excel, provide exceptional customer service and continue to be recognized by the passion we have for this industry in our daily activities for years to come. We love our community and look forward to the future of this beautiful place we live and work in!

Kathy J. Slusser, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Masterpiece, remarked, “I am honored to award William Torres the “Outstanding Achievement Award”.  “William Torres has once again proven that hard-work, dedication, and consistency bring about tremendous results!  He is a positive influence for his team and a great resource for his numerous customers. It is an honor to serve him as his Broker, and I am truly blessed to have William as part of our Masterpiece family.”

William Torres is the Team Leader for the Torres team. This prestiegious team includes Vianca Torres (his wife) as office manager and Carmelot Dorsainrre and  Eddie Arevalo as top team sales professionals. This impressive team is able to help transition buyers and sellers through the buying or selling process with stress free transactions.  They pride themselves on being able to efficiently work closely with all their customers in Spanish, Creole and English.

Recently William Torres was ranked #68 of the “2016 Top 250 Latino Agents” by the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP). This award recognized the industry’s leading Hispanic real estate agents and brokers from across the country, whose hard work and dedication led them to close an outstanding number of transactions in an effort to increase the rate of sustainable homeownership in communities across the country.  Torres is a RE/MAX International 2015-2016 “Platinum Award” recipient and a 2014 “100% Club” honoree.

You may contact William Torres at his office at 1775 SW Gatlin Blvd., Suite 101 at the corner of Gatlin Blvd. and Import Drive, at (772) 237-8319, or his mobile (772) 209-2066. You may also e-mail him at Please visit his website at to view his listings.


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