Shining Some Light on Landscaping Trends

With the summer months approaching at full speed, homeowners are rushing to get the perfect summer touches added to their garden. People are spending top dollar to install the latest ponds, fountains, flowers, and other landscaping accessories to their garden in time for a season of relaxation and social gatherings. Where homeowners are searching high and low for their perfect landscape dream, there is one thing those interested in landscape focus on, the latest lighting trends.

Lighting Trends

A few years ago, people used light to make sitting outdoors after dusk simpler. With the lighting trends of today, people are trying to shine a light on their artistic side. Lighting is no longer used for basic seeing. People are using lighting to bring out their favorite plants or shrubs. The lighting trend is making its big debut because it is a simple and cost effective way to add nice touches to the outdoors.

A study shows that lighting is the most popular landscaping feature today (See figure 1.1).  The chart shows that 96% of people prefer outdoor lighting to decorate their outdoors compared to other outdoor décor. Outdoor lighting has more benefits then cost and simplicity. Most outdoor lights are made of recyclable material making them recyclable as well, offer easy installation, and are now solar powered to be environmentally friendly (Trends, 2010).


Finding Your Light in Shining Armor

Since there are many different types of outdoor lighting fixtures that could be used in several different locations, one may find it difficult to find the perfect lighting fixture to meet their needs. Each trend specifies to certain sections of the garden. When it comes to lighting up a garden or deck lamps, torches, and garden lamps add an illuminating touch to table talk, dining, or card games.

For general outdoor lighting, outdoor wall lamps can be subtle and make outdoor living feel as comfortable as indoor living. Wall light fixtures can provide more lighting in a doorway to make carrying things in and out of the house easier and can make moving about outside the house safer.

The two outdoor lighting trends discussed above are two simple and basic ways of using outdoor lighting. Efficient for all types of activities and provides a hand in outdoor safety. Some homeowners may prefer to go beyond basic and dabble in a little artistic lighting.

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Joe Rey-Barreau, director of the Lighting and Design Center at the University of Kentucky stated “the challenge with landscape lighting is that most people don’t immediately see all the possibilities” (Landscaping America, 2012). The purpose of artistic outdoor lighting is to highlight the focal points by focusing on architectural features.

Using outdoor lighting could be compared to a woman. When a woman uses light make up to highlight her best features, it makes her look flawless, almost like magic. This same touch could be used outdoors by lighting up a archway, putting a splash of light on the wall of the house, or putting a spotlight on the grilling area. When a pool is present, presenting the idea of swimming in heaven can be an aluminous effect by adding dim spotlights in the pool.

When using artistic lighting, it is important that the lights be subtle. Lights should be hidden in fixtures, plants, or trees. Though lighting is used for safety, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be tasteful. It is proven that houses that are well lit up are less likely to be burglarized, however, this safety feature can be done without having spotlights on every corner of the house or leaving the Christmas lights up year round. Safety can now be done in tastefully (See figure 2.0).

Image result for outdoor lighting trends

Figure 2.0 A perfect example of a home secured tastefully with subtle lighting

Knocking out Lights: Solar vs. Electric Powering

There are now trending ways of powering trendy outdoor lighting fixtures. This epic battle has been up for debate since the creation of solar energy. Solar lights are cost efficient and safe, however, electricity powered is more dependable. No matter what ones preference is, there are new lighting modifications for trendier solar or electric powered lights.

Thanks to recent modifications, solar lights are now six to twelve times brighter than traditional solar lights; they are eco friendly, and work during power outages. Solar lights have become very popular with outdoor lighting due to their easy installation, no wiring, and no cost to run (Lowes, n.d).

Though solar powered lights take the top spot of trendy lighting, improvements have been made to electric powered outdoor lighting as well. Electric powered lights now have easy bulb replacement, new digital transformers, and easy-to-handle connectors.

All in all, lighting fixtures is now the most popular source of outdoor fixtures. It is expected to stay in the most popular spot due to its new shine on creativity, safety, and designs. Lighting fixtures are a beautiful touch to any landscaping project that can make sitting outdoors just as comfortable as sitting indoors. Trying these new trends will not only shine light on your creativity, they will light up your life!


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