Virtual Tours Are Great, But Not Enough!

Technology continues to do amazing things! We can now talk to loved ones face to face from across the country, make friends with our phone (good morning Siri!) and see the inside of a home to see if we would like to buy it. Virtual tours are becoming the next big thing in real estate with various virtual reality options that almost makes you feel like you are standing in the living room! While virtual tours are a helpful tool for buyers and agents, it is important to use caution when buying from far away.

Always See The Property Before Getting Attached

If you are looking to buy in another state, a virtual tour can be very helpful when it comes to making a list of potential buys. It can give you an idea of what the home looks like, but looks can often be decieving. Virtual tours may make a bedroom look huge based on the angle of the shot, but when seeing the property in person, the room may be smaller than you thought.

Though a home may look new through the virtual eye, virtual tours do not allow you to experience a home with your other senses as well such as smell or hearing. If the house looks new and quiet and you purchase it based by a virtual tour, it will be quite shocking when you walk in and smell the mold or hear the loud music that plays 24/7 from the club that is two streets down.

Use An Agent You Can Trust

When buying long distance, having an agent to assist you in the buying process can be extremely helpful. Sometimes flying all over the country to look at properties can be painful on your wallet. Having an agent you can trust can help you narrow your list down to help you achieve your real estate goals while giving you an insight of sight and smell rather than just sight.

Don’t Be Hasty!

Buying property from a distance can take a little bit of time, especially if you have only seen a virtual tour. Jumping too quickly on a home could end up being very costly in the long run of you jump into the first property you like without taking the time to see it for yourself.

Buying property out of state can be a great real estate investment or even a relaxing vacation home! These simple tips, can help you to buy the home of your dreams without stress and hassel. When you are ready to buy your vacation home on the Treasure Coast, call a RE/MAX Masterpiece Agent at 772-340-2700 or check out our featured properties at


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